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Sutrakaar - Weavers & Artisans

Sutrakaar - Weavers & Artisans

‘SUTRAKAAR’ in Sanskrit means ‘The Weaver’,

the name we consider to be apt for our handloom venture dedicated to our

Weavers and Artisans.

Displaying our beautiful rich heritage of India, six yards of grace that binds n weaves us together – The Handloom Saree. Sarees at Sutrakaar are sourced from the weaving hubs of India, handpicked directly from our looms. when you buy these six yards of grace from Sutrakaar, you extend a hand to empower a family, not just the weaver. We at Sutrakaar are very conscious about our social responsibility and take the utmost care to give fair prices/ wages to our weavers, motivating them towards all aspects of their well being. With a combination of tradition and the latest trends to designer wear handloom sarees, you will find a spectrum of wonderful colors. we together shall discover our heritage and sharing with you all the saree stories. Let’s rediscover our exotic cultural heritageand experience the  magic of our weavers!

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