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Welcome to CrEdo!

CrEdo - The Home Learning Kit has been developed by the Helen O'Grady International Preschool. It supports parents who want to enjoy the early years of their child's life, learning about the world, together.

It consists of simple easy to do activity manuals for parents, activity sheets for children, interesting art and craft materials, song and rhymes books, beautiful handmade puppets for storytelling…

Using the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning with the child, the parent-child team will find themselves using material found in their own homes, daily chores and life activities to learn from as well.

The Approach is Play Based, Project Based and is at the Pace of the child.

The activities look at building Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication skills.

Mentoring Support for Parent

The most special feature of CrEdo for parents and children is that they can connect to their mentors from Helen O'Grady International Preschool, once a week for curricular discussions.

Weekly Co-Curricular Programmes Online for Children

The child also has the option of joining the Helen O'Grady International Preschool phonics, music and movement classes and the Kindy Drama sessions. These music and drama sessions are offered once a week, free of cost to all home learners who learn with the CrEdo Home Learning Kit! We also have a sports session which the child may avail; this is to keep the body well exercised. All these three programmes last for half an hour and are conducted on different days of the week between 11 am and 11.30 am. The child may log on to this each week.

The CrEdo Process:

·         Order the CrEdo kit.

·         Receive the kit:

·         Parent attends a 3hr workshop

·         Mentor is assigned to each parent.

·         Register for desired (free) extracurricular classes. (Drama, Sports, Phonics.)

·         Start your beautiful Journey!

·         Meet with your mentor every week.


Each CrEdo Box will contain the following:

Craft Kit:
1. Slate, Chalk & Duster.
2. Crayons.
3. Clay.
4. Art and Craft Material.
5. Puppets (for Stories)
6. Seed Balls (to plant)

Books & Worksheets:
1. The English Alphabet.
2. Numbers.
3. The Book of songs
4. Rhymes for Recitation
5. My Creativity File
6. My Colour Canvas.
7. The fun book (Worksheets)

Guides & Manuals:
1. Parent Manual
2. Parent Activity Guide. (Months 1,2 & 3)

CrEdo commits to help you evolve a pattern of healthy routines for the child. We are eager to begin this journey together.

IF YOUR CHILD IS ABOVE 4 YEARS, would you like to try our free demo of a digital class? Children have a great time.

Contact me, Archana Dange on 9894040227



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