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Red Chilly Powder is the dried, pulverised fruit of one or more varieties of chilly pepper. It is used as a spice (or spice blend) to add pungency (piquancy) and flavour to culinary dishes. It is impossible to imagine Indian cuisine without red chillies powder. There are many different kinds of red chillies available throughout the country, each with its own unique taste and form. Red chilies are also a part of many spice blends, condiments and sauces. The fiery hot taste and spicy kick that it renders to dishes is only one of the many benefits of red chili powder. Chilly powder is used in many different cuisines, including American (particularly Tex-Mex), Chinese, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Portuguese, and Thai. While it is rarely discussed, there are many health benefits of having red chillies as a part of our daily food. Beyond adding taste, our dishes get healthier with every pinch of this versatile red spice. The primary bioactive plant compound in red chillies, known as capsaicin, is responsible for the taste and health benefits of red chillies. Higher the amount of capsaicin in the spice, the hotter it tastes and the more benefits it adds to your food. Some of its health benefits are as follows: Fights Inflammation and Pain, Capsaicin in red chillies is known to reduce inflammation and act as natural pain relief remedy, promotes digestive health, aids in weight loss, enhances cognitive function, helps the Heart & relieves nasal congestion. Red chilli powder soothes blood vessels and regulates blood pressure. Please Note - Our spices/powders/products/specialities are home made & home made spice powders have a longer shelf life and also remain fresh. There is no additive or preservative added and they really bring out the flavors & aroma in the food.
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