How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Balance Their Work & Personal Lives

February 7, 2024

Creating a Balance Is a Challenge

Women around the world live different kinds of lives; some of them are students who do part-time jobs to sustain themselves, some of them are household wives who spend half of their lives in the confinement of their homes, and others are working professionals who step outside and make a mark for themselves.

It is pretty obvious that women who work also have a personal life of their own. More often than not, creating a perfect balance between the two can be extremely difficult. First off, not all of us are born strategists who can devise perfect boundaries and plans to separate different activities in our lives. Secondly, some things are out of our control and they create tension between the public and private parts of our lives. And thirdly, we rarely prioritize the things that we should. 01.jpg

Even the most successful women entrepreneurs have found it difficult to be perfect in both their personal and work lives. However, there is always a way to minimize the damage that we do. We have gone over several interviews and found several insights, tips, and opinions that can help you as an entrepreneur to create a good work-life balance.


Things to Keep in Mind When Finding Work-Life Balance

Determining What is Public and What is Private

Before we jump straight to a conclusion, we must first understand what defines our personal life. It could include our friends and family, online connections, college or school, clubs and forums, and the like. To each his own. On the other hand, our work life might include our conversations with colleagues, a rapport with our managers or bosses, work meetings, work-related trips, and more.

There can be various solutions to identifying our activities. For many people, it is important for them to set a boundary for better segregation. They work better when they exclude personal elements from their work lives and vice versa.

For the other half of the people, they try to blend both their work and personal lives. Their coworkers become their friends that they later hang out with and their offices become spaces where they feel the most comfortable.

Since we all work in entirely different conditions, there is no universal solution that can help everyone at the same time. Take some time out and see what works for you.


Learn to Say ‘No’

As working professionals, we are often instilled with a sense of conformity. Every situation that arises requires us to conform to it, that is, to say ‘yes’ and accept it without thinking twice. It might come as a surprise but just saying ‘no’ can prove to be quite effective. It will help you prioritize tasks and reject the ones that you don’t need to do.

It also symbolizes your personality as one that is assertive, confident, outspoken, and opinionated. Remember, not everything is made to be complied with! 02.jpg


Take Breaks Whenever Needed

As simple as it might sound, breaks are highly crucial in a working environment. Breaks can be anything; it can be a short break from a task that you are doing or a long-term break from work. The point is that you must never exhaust yourself to a point where it starts reflecting in your relationships. Many relationships worsen over time because people never manage to balance their work and personal lives. So, take a break, sit, and relax. Spend some time with your friends and family, you won’t regret it.


Create a Routine

Before you indulge in anything else, create a routine for everything that you do and stick to it. Not only is it going to help you follow a linear path, but it will also help you know when you are going off-track. You need not always follow it; it is okay to let loose sometimes.


Negative Consequences of an Imbalance in Work and Personal Lives

First and foremost, you will end up being stressed most of the time and that is not good for you and the people around you. You will face frequent burnouts. Consequentially, your relationships with your friends and family would worsen and it might create rifts that you would later go on to regret.

More importantly, you will miss out on the good parts of your life. Go find a hobby, have fun for some time, or just do nothing. Anything that distracts you and prevents you from being stressed out is a blessing in disguise.


See What Works Out for You

Finding work-life balance isn’t a task that can be done within a few minutes. It takes months of trial and testing to know what solution is the best for us. To sum up, create a routine, prioritize tasks, don’t always comply, set boundaries, and you should be set on a path that can help you develop your personality and career at the same time!


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